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  Herding Stories and Articles from Freeway

This is a collection of stories and observations beginning with our first time exposing Freeway to sheep. I'm not an expert. I enjoy herding, and I put some effort into it, but I'm not particularly talented. It doesn't matter that much to me. I have a good time because my dogs enjoy doing it with me. While I'm lacking in pearls of wisdom, I offer plenty of sympathetic winces, and some hurrahs.


    Freeway's First HCT leg    

    Junior Herding Dog

    HTAD - Geese, Level One

    French Trial on Geese

    Freeway is now Dogplay's Roadside Rescue RLFI-ge



     Freeway's First Sheep

      Musings on the Development of a Sheepdog

      Freeway's Progress

      Freeway on Geese and Goats

Wait a minute - why are there no more stories? Well ... herding is fun but things change over time. First, I don't "need" to herd because I don't own any livestock. I'm fascinated by herding, and I learned a heck of a lot. However, the places I used to go became unavailable so continuing to practice was an increasing challenge. Freeway, as dear as he is, is no one's idea of a great herding dog. He would be reasonably competent as a home ranch dog, but that's about it. Gradually I've just let it go.

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