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  Animal Facilitated Therapy Networking Resources and Email discussion lists

These lists are very helpful in networking. Most lists are intended for warm and friendly conversation for sharing information and experiences. They work best when people contribute, even those who are new. While people will offer advice it will be of better quality if you let them get to know you.

Email discussion lists vary a lot in their policies, in how to subscribe, and in how to unsubscribe. In some cases you will be using a list server machine that manages the email. Please; Follow instructions exactly or the list server machine won't understand you. When you subscribe, unsubscribe or try to change your mail settings don't include anything except the commands. Send nice notes later. :-) When you sign up you will get a welcome message that gives instructions for unsubscribing, postponing mail, and making other kinds of changes to your mail settings. Keep those instructions.

1.DOGTALES Get subscription instructions from

Dogtales is a list dealing with Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) and Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) and is not limited to dogs.

2.  Therapy dog talk

"We have people already in therapy dog programs. We have people just starting.If you just want information this is the place."

3. Therapy Dogs USA and Canada

See webpage for subscription information


This is a group specifically for people practicing AAT in a clinical setting. Topics include national meetings, insurance, references, theories of practice, etc. (Note, this is not the place to start for "meet and greet" style visits (the style Oso and I do). This is directed to visits that are tailored to meet the needs of particular individuals with specific goals in mind).

5. A1Therapy_Dogs

 6. IACP Therapy Dog email list

Open only to IACP members. IACP members should email Chad Mackin

Search for new lists using these links:

If you have a discussion list to add please contact me. I will list only discussion lists focussed primarily on the various forms of animal assisted therapy, animal assisted activities.



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