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  Pets in prisons and other animal facilitated rehabilitation programs

Prison Pet Partnership Program

This Gig Harbor, Washington program occurs primarily inside the walls of the Washington State Corrections Center for Women where inmates reach out to help others by training special dogs to assist a disabled person. Volunteers currently assist by taking the dogs out into the community for important socialization training prior to placement.

Freedtom Tails and

Freedom Tails brings in dogs from local shelters, that would otherwise be euthenized, and retrains them in housetraining (if necessary), socialization, and basic commands. They are then adopted out to the general public. At this time, we have found 97 dogs new homes. With the graduation of the current group, in October, the number will grow to 113!

Prison PUP Program

This Gardner, Massachusetts program, guided by NEADS (National Education for Assistance Dog Services), involves inmates of the the North Central Correctional Institution training assistance dogs.

Wisconsin Correctional Liberty Dog Program

This Oneida, Wisconsin program involves inmates at Sanger B Powers Correctional training assistance dogs.

Puppies Behind Bars

This program in New York State's Bedford Hills Correctional Facility assigns puppies to the inmates at this maximum-security prison for women to be raised as guide dogs. Volunteer 'puppy sitters' take the dogs into their homes once or twice a month to expose them to things they won't experience in prison.

Pawsitive Works

Operating in North Idaho, Spokane, WA and Caldwell, ID Pawsitive Works offers programs and curriculum for at risk youth to train shelter dogs, gain life skills, benefit from human-animal bond and provide increased adoption options for shelter dogs

Project Pooch

This Woodburn, Oregon program pairs juvenile offenders from the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility with dogs from local shelters and rescue groups. The students provide the dogs with obedience training to prepare the dogs for placement in permanent homes in the community

Teacher's Pet: Dogs and Kids Learning Together

Pairing emotionally impaired youth with hard to adopt shelter dogs for positive dog training
Summer camp (week long)
On line certification in animal assisted therapy
Coming Soon - Animal Assisted Therapy Center

Prison Trained K-9 Companion Program

From the Colorado Correctional Industries offenders learn new skills, improve self-esteem, and earn a salary by training shelter dogs to make them more adoptable. They also accept owned dogs for board and train.

Pet Facilitated Therapy in Correctional Institutions

The Correctional Service of Canada published this detailed academic study of the use of animals in therapy and rehabilitation in the correctional setting.

Prison Dog Project

This covers a variety of programs where inmates in prisons are training dogs.

Second Chance Prison Canine Program

This Arizona program is modeled after the The Washington’s Prison Pet Partnership Program.

HOPE - Hounds of Prison Eduction

A prison program in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area. Homeless dogs are trained by inmates for basic obedience .

K9 Buddies "Cell Program"  

A program in which prison inmates socialize and train shelter dogs to make them adoptable to the general public.

Hearts in Harmony Animal Assisted Therapy Group

Operates a project called Pawsitive Hearts, a 6-week obedience training project pairing at-risk kids with rescue dogs from a humane society. The dogs learn appropriate manners to help them get adopted, and the kids gain valuable self-confidence, a feeling of achievement, tools for teamwork and gain empathy for the animals and each other.

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