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 K-9 Drill Team Links


What is K-9 Drill Team?

An outline of the activity and getting started resources

Flagstaff Kennel Club K-9 Drill Team

This team is active the Flagstaff Arizona area performing in parades and similar community events as part of their pet therapy activities.

Mojave Greens K-9 Training Club

Mojave Greens K-9 Training Club in the Victorville, California area offers the opportunity for members to participate in a Dog Drill Team for parade exhibition and local demos.

Oakes K9 Training Inc.

This group is located in Horsham PA, and serves the Philadelphia, Doylestown and surrounding areas. This club's K9 drill team demonstrates at parades and other events.

K-9 Drill Team Yahoo group

Make contact with other k-9 Drill Team members, share ideas, suggestions for music, moves, or help in getting started.

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