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Sorry this is just a list links to other sites at this time. Go look, they should provide a good explanation of the activity. If not please let me know.


Latham Foundation

The Latham Foundation is a national, nonprofit organization promoting respect for all life through education. Latham is a nonprofit organization that makes grants in kind (rather than financial awards). The Foundation welcomes joint ventures with other organizations or individuals who share Latham's commitment to respecting all life.

Marin Humane Society

The Marin Humane Society offers an array of programs. Student programs include shelter tours, animal care camp, classroom visits, and a Teacher Advisory Board. The education center also caters to adults with seminars and workshops throughout the year and is the site of the California State Humane Training Academy.

Animal Care Services, Sacramento

Offers a one hour free educational program to local schools.

The Pet Care Trust - Animals in the Classroom

Provides resources for teacher training.

AKC Best Friends Online

Offers programs and materials to educate children and adults about the joys and responsibilities of dog ownership. Best Friends Teaching Kit includes a video, teacher's guides, reproducible activity sheets, recommended reading list, completion certificate, and wall poster. The materials are divided for the younger and older grades. Also interactive games about responsible dog ownership. These games are divided for younger and older students.


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