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 Dog Harness Activities: Sledding, Skijoring, Bikjoring, Carting and Weight Pulling Links

There is little doubt that some dogs just love to pull. They like to be out it front and they aren't the least bothered by putting quite a bit of effort into it. One of the things I liked about getting involved in dog sports was seeing that some dogs, like some people, really enjoy achieving difficult things. My Tanith loved to pull me. And often she would jump in the water and retrieve things that were both heavy and awkward. A few times she managed to find things to drag in that were too heavy for her to manage once she got them to shore. I once had her evaluated by a sports vet who commented on the excellent condition of her muscles due to pulling.

Now if you are looking for how to stop your dog from pulling try the book My Dog Pulls. What Do I Do? by Turid Rugaas.

One benefit of pulling is that the development of the muscles can often reduce the risks of increased deterioration in dogs with hip dysplasia. When the muscles are well developed they provide support and cushioning. Another benefit of pulling activites is just the additional time engaged with the dog. Roller blading, bikejoring, and dog scootering are good ways for dog and human to exercise together at a pace both enjoy. When dogs are well exercised they are less bored and less likely to have behavior problems.

While there are differences between these activities, sites that have information on one often cover the others.

Harmess activities







Weight Pull

Books and Videos



Bruce's Bikejoring Pages

Bikejoring is the wheeled version of skijoring, where your ride a bicycle with your dog pulling you.

Off season Skijor Training with your Bicycle

Excellent detailed information on getting started in bikejoring.

Getting started in Bikejoring or Scootering
A good thorough article.Unfortunately this site uses frames and the only way to point directly to this article was to ignore the frames. If you want the navigation links start at


Canicross - where your dog takes you for a run

Cani-cross (canine cross country) is running with your dog attached to you by harness and line (usually shock absorbing).


A great place to get basic information on this growing sport.

Put on the dog

Article on Canicross in the United States.

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About Sled Dogs and Sled Dog Racing (Steven R Lee)

An excellent place to get information on a variety of "dog powered" sports. It will help explain skijoring (you ski, the dog pulls you), weight pulling, sledding and carting. As a mixed breed owner I appreciate that the author troubled to note the participation of mixed breeds.

Questions Most Frequently Asked Of A Dog Musher

Is mushing fun for the dogs too? This question and more is answered here

Sled Dog History and Overview

What is the history of the sled dog? What are the kinds of sledding and sled dogs? What are the basic sledding terms? This site provides this basic information and more.


Dog sledding news and an information/experience sharing "Knowledge Center." The vision is to act as a central infomation site for mushing and sledding.

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Skijoring: XC Skiing with a Privileged Dog

More on the sport of Skijoring, what it takes to get started, and where to go.

Skijor Now

When last visited this web site did not provide full access. This one seems a little more oriented for the person already familiar with the sport. It does have an introductory page.

Midwest Skijorers Club

Offers beginning (and beyond) skijoing classes in Minnesota. The "Dryland" link briefly covers related harness activities.

Dog Scootering

Dog Scootering

Yup, dog scootering. This site explains what it is, and how to get started. It includes reviewed links with useful comments for more dog scootering information, equipment, training and related harness activities.

Paw Trekker

A source for the scooters for dog powered scootering.

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Weight Pull

International Weight Pull Association

At last a page specific to the sport of pulling. Competition is open to all breeds including mixed breeds. Great! The author makes it all sound particularly friendly and helpful to the newcomer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Canine Weight Pulling



Intro to CARTING

Lots of pictures and solid "getting started" advice.

Carting With Your Dog

It started as a very nice site, and is developing into a really great site about carting. Includes information on training, equipment, resources, tips and information on how to join a carting discussion group.

Carting with Rottweilers

Carting with Rottweilers.

The American Rottweiler Club's carting page


Bernese Mountain Dog Club of California, Carting History

A short description of carting history and the basic requirements for considering the activity.


Carts, harnesses, carting supplies, books and videos on carting.
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Harness activities

New England Driving and Drafting Club
The purpose of the club is to "encourage the sport of drafting and driving with dogs of any breed, mixed or pure by offering a standard of testing while demonstrating sportsmanship among the teams."


Books and Videos on Harness Sports      
Carting With Your Dog - Positive Draft Training for Fun and Competition    
Carting With Your Dog - Positive Draft Training for Fun and Competition    

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