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What's this about dead dogs?

A while back I wrote an article entittled " I'm tired of dead dogs." I vented my frustration at people who breed without considering their responsibilities. But rants are usually short on explanation. Which means some people just can't understand. So I got an email from someone who set me off on another rant. Maybe this one explains just a little more. If you don't want to read the rant, just learn about responsible breeding.

On Fri, 2 Sep 2005, [] wrote:
> Hello,
> Euthanasia, why is this considered wrong in your belief? Should not everyone
> be given this option in comparison to being sick, homeless, unhappy, or
> starving?
> You have a nice page, wish you well but think it over as we all should be
> able to live our own lives and die with some form of dignity, don’t you
> agree, if not, that’s fair.

Excuse me? I do not believe euthanasia is necessarily wrong. I think creating pets to die is wrong.

We kill millions of companion animals every year and you think that is OK? Well I think you are wrong. I'm even more saddened that you think that killing a pet because it is "homeless" is justified. The humane solution is to learn some RESPONSIBILITY.

If you think that we should just ignore the numbers of pets being killed in the shelters and not be HORRIFIED at how easy and CHEAP it would be to stop the flow of pets into the shelter, well then I have no words for you. What means of preventing all that killing could possibly be simpler or less expensive than not irresponsibly breeding in the first place? You don't even need surgery to prevent unwanted pets, just RESPONSIBILITY. And that means KNOWLEDGE, NOT IGNROANCE.

If you don't understand why we are killing dogs and other pets (and clearly you do not), then perhaps it is time that you learn.

I'm saddened by the shelter killing because if people just used a little RESPONSIBILITY we wouldn't be filling barrels with dead dogs. And people who contribute to the problem through ignorance are WRONG. And yes, I'm furious with people who fail to understand why we kill so many dogs. MOST of the dogs killed were owned, but were either relinquished to the shelter or dumped on the streets or countryside. MOST are not accidentally lost strays. MOST are healthy, normal dogs under the age of 2. I think most of the reasons why dogs are in the shelter and are therefore being killed are wrong.

I think is it wrong to breed without fully considering the fate of the lives you created. I think that dumping a pet in the shelter because you are too lazy to take the time to learn how to teach it and live with it is wrong. I think breeding pets and then failing to provide support and assistance to the people you place the young with is wrong. I think it is wrong to breed pets and then fail to take them back if the person you placed them with can't or won't keep them. I think it is wrong to breed and fail to use reasonable steps to avoid genetic disease. I think it is wrong to breed pets and place the young in neglectful or inappropriate homes. I think it is wrong to breed solely for the income. I think it is wrong for a person to get a pet without fully considering whether they have the time, money, ability and willingness to properly care for and live with the pet. I think it is wrong for parents to dump a pet to "teach the kids a lesson." I think it is wrong for a person to fail to take responsibility for a pet when they give it as a gift to someone who is unwilling or unable to provide for it. MOST of the reasons pets end up in shelters are just WRONG, and no one should breed without actually understanding how the animals get there, why they are killed there, and what the person MUST do to avoid adding more pets to that pile of dead.

Diane Blackman, DogPlay Webmaster


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