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   Male Dog Wrap or Belly Band From a Diaper

This series of photos shows how to make a belly band or wrap for an incontinent male dog from a disposable child diaper.

If your dog is incontinent training won't help. Pet diapers are becoming more readily available but they are expensive. Typically a male dog does not need a full diaper. A belly band that can absorb urine is usually sufficient. The more traditional belly band is used so that a male dog will choose not to mark or urinate in the house. An incontinent dog, however, needs a bit more.

Unlike a full diaper this just wraps around the belly to contain urination. I was, at first, reluctant to use any kind of diaper. I believed that it would make urine burn worse by holding it close to the skin. I could not have been more wrong. It turns out I'm was not educated on the modern disposable diaper.

With the male dog diaper instead of the urine wetting the dog it soaks into the diaper and is taken away from the skin and coat of the dog. It was the exact opposite of what I was expecting. Before I tried this solution I tried all those actually designed for dogs. The primary problem I ran into was that the solutions designed for dogs were either ineffective (they slipped, were difficult to fasten, were not designed to contain urine, etc) or were just too expensive. Eventually I figured out how to cut the waist band off a child diaper and create a belly band. This turned out to be very effective, generally kept the dog dry, the house free of urine and much more affordable.


Open the diaper. Cut along the waist band.
The pad in the diaper contains liquid absorbing crystals. You don't want that leaking out. So make sure to preserve the seal between the waist band and the pad. Cutting a little bit into the waist band is better than cutting into the pad.
Don't worry about being straight or even. As you get beyond the pad part of the diaper angle down a bit. This helps preserve width in the band. Width make it less likely to shift, and more comfortable.
This shows the waist band after removal. Notice that it is not straight. It doesn't matter. I usually attached the band to the diaper so the curve faced the dog's tail.
One fastener tab is applied to the outside front of the diaper. Where on the outside, how far down, depends on the dog and diaper size. This is a diaper for a 22 pound child. The dog is 50 pounds with a very small waist. The goal is to have the tabs evenly placed when both are attached. For my dog the tab went about where the arrow is. A larger dog, the tab would go closer to the top. I was tempted to go to the next size smaller diaper for my dog. I think it would work but he was a heavy urninator so I decided to stay with what had been working.
This style diaper has extra fastener tabs on the front. Fold those over the waist band to provide more secure attachment. It also prevents the top of the diaper from shifting if the dog's waist
Now just place the diaper pad under the dog, wrap the waistband over the top, and fasten.
Because the fasterner is so far down sometimes the diaper top would slip a bit on this side. The other side didn't slip because it was wrapped in fasterners as shown above. Just getting used to positioning the diaper top before securing the tabs prevented most slipping.



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