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   Poop Eating Pets - Coprophagia Links

The subject lines say it all "Help! Turd Eating Dog!" cries one; "Another faeces problem" laments another; "Stop my dog from eating sh*t!" shouts still another. Some describe it more delicately than others, but it is a common problem and one people find to be very distressing.

Dogs like to eat poop. That's really all there is to it. People find it disgusting, dogs find it delightful. Still most people want it to stop. With that in mind I put together a short page full of links to other people's ideas about the causes of poop eating (more elegantly called "Coprophagia") and ideas on how to stop it. I didn't really use much editorial discretion on the subject because I haven't really studied it enough to have a strong opinion. Thus different sites disagree. Oh well.

Here are some links on the subject of eating feces:

Behavior - Coprophagia - feces eating behavior
A Dog and Cat Behavior and Training Center by Perfect Paws
Coprophagia or Eating Feces
Coprophagia in Dogs Behavior
Keeping the K9 out of the Kitty Box

A collection of ideas on how to keep the family dog from snacking out of the cat litter box.

What to do with the dog poop


Additional articles on dog training and dog behavior related topics.

Dog Training and Behavior Books and Videos from Dogwise

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