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   Discussing "The famouse Shake A Paw guarantee"

Below is the Shake a Paw guarantee exactly as it used to appear on their web site on 29 Jan 2006. The first one I discussed disappeared, then eventually this one appeared. Now it is gone from the site again. There isn't anything different about my discussions of the two versions.

The logo image is "broken" because I didn't copy it over. This is here for two reasons (1) to be used in a discussion about reading the guarantee and responsible breeding and placement of dogs and (2) to point out that if a pet shop can provide this guarantee you surely shouldn't settle for even less from the breeder you choose. In the pet shop industry this is a pretty good guarantee. It satisfies all state laws I'm aware of. It is more than the average pet dog breeder will provide, yet it doesn't come close to what you should expect from a responsible breeder. My advice? If you can't do better than this get your dog from a rescue or shelter, at least you will be helping dogs instead of supporting the kind of practices that put them there.

Shake A Paw

New Jersey's Puppy Superstore

14 Route 22 West, Green Brook, NJ  08812

(732) 968-2522


      1) Shake-A-Paw will extend to the consumer a complimentary initial office exam at one of the Veterinary Hospitals listed on the attached sheet.

     2) Shake-A-Paw will issue store credit for all medications used to cure your puppy of kennel cough and/or upper respiratory infection for up to 1 year of age of your puppy. The consumer will be financially responsible for all veterinary expenses including office visits, shots, x-rays, and other related expenses. Store credit will be issued for medication only, as related to kennel cough and/or upper respiratory infection.

     3) If the puppy described above is diagnosed as having hip dysplasia after 6 months from the date of purchase, but within 5 years from the date of purchase, Shake-A-Paw offers the consumer the option of returning the animal to Shake-A-Paw for replacement with another puppy of equal value. The consumer MUST provide Shake-A-Paw with the following in order to qualify for a replacement puppy: A veterinary diagnosis, X-Rays and original AKC registration papers and/or registration certificate. Shake-A-Paw will get a second opinion at it's own expense and the selection of a replacement puppy must be made within 6 months of the consumer's return of the original puppy.

    4) If the puppy described above expires from distemper, parvo, carona, hepatitis or leptospirosis after 14 days of purchase, Shake-A-Paw will replace the puppy with another puppy of equal value. Shake-A-Paw will get a second opinion at its own expense and will require up to date vaccination records. The selection of a replacement puppy must be made within 6 months of the consumers claim.

Extended Warranty Option

    5) Shake a Paw's Extended Warranty Program offers the following benefits: A) Extends the Hereditary and Congenital Defects Warranty from 6 months to 1 year. Reporting and notification guidelines will still apply. B) Extends the Kennel Cough and/or Upper Respiratory Warranty (#3) from 1 year to 2 years. C) Extends the Hip Dysplasia Warranty (#4) from 5 years to 7 years. D) Adds Lyme disease coverage to the Lifetime Health Warranty (#5). E) Entitles the owner to transfer all Warranties to a new owner without penalty.

Limitations of Warranty

Listed below are several conditions that are not covered under Warranty.

Undescended testicles, Umbilical or Inguinal Hernias and Prolapse of the 3rd eyelid (cherry eye).  If reported within 14 days of ownership.  Shake a Paw will reimburse the client $50.00 after the correction procedure has been performed.  No warranty is allowed after 14 days.  Grade I & II Heart Murmurs are considered normal and within acceptable limits in young and toy dogs, and will usually resolve.  Sarcoptic mange and localized demodicosis must be diagnosed and reported to Shake a Paw within 14 days of ownership.  Generalized demodicosis will be covered under warranty within 6 months of purchase.  Reporting and notification guidelines apply.  English bulldogs are not warranted against cherry eye, any skin disorder/condition or hip and elbow displasia.

Conditions of Guarantee

    A) The sale of Puppies are final sale. You cannot return a puppy for any of the following reasons: allergy problems, landlord problems, change of job, bought the puppy as a gift, not getting along with other pets, can't train the puppy, your husband or wife wants to kill you for not asking or for any other reason. There will be no exceptions.

    B) The puppy you have purchased is sold to you as a companion animal and pet. Shake-A-Paw does not guarantee the puppy for the purpose of breeding or showing, or guarantee the size, weight or other breed characteristics of the adult dog.

    C) All guarantees contained herein are non-transferable and valid to the original purchaser only. We would like to thank you for purchasing your new family member from Shake-A-Paw. Our greatest concern is for the puppies and we will do everything we can to help your new family member adjust to their new environment. We are open 7 days a week to answer any questions that you may have.


Here is one person's experience with this "guarantee" After seeing a Shake A Paw ad in the Philadelphia Inquirer . . . also Shake a Paw Puppies and McKay's fight (this site includes several stories of bad experiences). The important thing to remember is that these are just recorded examples of pet shop problems. The reality is that this kind of thing is common in the industry. The animals sold are products, not pets. To explore what you might want in a breeder look at this buying a dog checklist.


Additional articles on selecting your dog and related topics.

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