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Tanith, Oso, and Tsuki Enterprises

OK, so there really isn't a company called TOTE aka Tanith, Oso and Tsuki Enterprises, just this website introducing my dogs. I'm just having a bit of fun with acronymns and a chance to show off my dogs.

Picture of Tanith Jumping     I went looking for Tanith. I didn't know her name, of course, or what she would look like. I was just looking for a personality suited to my own. I didn't know I would be getting a dog that would change my life. I knew I wanted an agile dog, one who was willing to try anything, one who liked people and wanted to please. I got exactly what I was looking for, and that never ceases to amaze me. Tanith is the joy of my life. In the morning she gleefully rolls across the bed, legs waving in the air, tail wagging. She gives gentle kisses, and seems to be saying "Come on, get up, there's life to live."

Tanith left us on 8 April 2003.

Picture of Oso at his most dignified     I didn't go looking for Oso. I was driving with Tanith in the back seat and here was this stupid dog standing in the middle of the street barking. I looked again. Why was this dog standing in the middle of the street and barking? I went to see what was wrong. In the bushes was another dog lying down. Was it injured? I called a friend to come and help then I put a slip leash around the dog that had been barking. He had no collar, and a scruffy look. The dog lying down suddenly got up and walked off casually. I was astonished. I hadn't thought it mobile, and here it was walking normally. That left me holding onto a big scruffy dog. Should I turn it loose?

No, I couldn't turn it loose to the fates of the streets. When my friend arrived he took Tanith in his car. I put this unknown quantity, the scruffy mutt, in my car and we drove them home. I put him in the backyard; he objected with loud piercing barks. I figured if I didn't quiet him then someone was gonna shoot him. I brought him inside. Tanith didn't hesitate. It was love at first sight. I was confounded. I had been thinking that I needed a larger dog; Tanith is just not very threatening. But this wire haired, big-footed beast? OH! Yes! was Tanith's response. So Oso stayed and has won my heart.

Oso left us 23 January 2004.

Picture of Tsuki at his most dignified       OK, was I looking for Tsuki? Um, well not exactly. But sort of. I had decided that since Tanith and Oso were so close in age (about two months apart) I wanted to get a third dog by the time they were nine. I figured that was young enough for them to handle a young upstart, but far enough apart to give a good spread. The problem was how was I going to find a dog that would fit in? I wanted a dog with the confidence and spirit to suit me, but one that would be accepted by two fairly dominent dogs. I never for a moment thought about getting a puppy. For one thing puppies are a heck of a lot of work. For another I'm committed to rescue dogs and puppies are not so easy to get. I was doing a lot of discussion and exploration when fate and impulse intervened.

I heard that a friend was fostering two puppies for Northern California Border Collie rescue. They had come from a litter of six puppies dumped in the pound at the tender age of five weeks! I had long ago decided I was not getting a Border Collie because, well, because my Mom expected that with my interest in agility I would get one. Despite myself puppy fever began to yank on me. In desparation I called my sister to talk me out of it. Bah! she was useless. "So, what's the problem" she asked? The thing is she was right. Never was I in a better position to make a good home for a very young puppy. For one thing I was working at a job that permitted us to bring pets. That meant I wouldn't have to leave the puppy at home all day. For another thing Oso absolutely adores kittens. So I thought with a very young puppy he might be more accepting. I think from the very second I sent of my email of inquiry there really wasn't any question but that he was coming home with me.

He really has turned out remarkably well. I could not have even imagined that things would go as smoothly nor that he would be as fine a fit in this family as he is. Tanith accepted him right away. Oso ran from him for the first several weeks. I think he was afraid of damaging it and simply didn't know how to handle a puppy. When Tsuki got older and more sturdy they began to play. Now they are best buddies.



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