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Tsuki Blackman's Mast Cell Tumor Report

 August 31, 2006

Subcutaneous mass, approximately 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 cm, soft and flocculent. External skin has no gross abnormalities. The mass is located in the right inguinal/right rear juntional area.

Microscopic description:
Thes slides are moderately cellular. The cells present are mast cells. These cells contain a variable amount of cytoplasm and variable degree of cytoplasmic granularity. Metachromatic granules are seen in most cells. The nuclei are round and uniform in size and shape throughout the cells. There are some binucleated cells. Low number of inflammatory cells are present, primarily eosinophils. There is also some collagen present.

Mast cell tumor - intermediately differeniated cells.

Mast cell tumors in dogs are graded hisologically. Consequently, removeal and hitologic evaluation are required to more accurately grade these lesions. Wide excision is advised in this case. The cells observed in this case appear moderatly well differenetated, with evidence of bi-nuclieation, mild inflammation, and cellular dengeneration, making grade II or III more likely.

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