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Tsuki Blackman's Pathology Report

 April 3, 2012

Name Tsuki Sp, Breed K9, Border Collie Collected 4/2/12

History of benign splenic mass, epidermal grade II mast cell (many years ago); IBD and lymphoplasmacytic hepatitis with fibrosis. Mass palpable in the right rear leg caudal to the stifle. Second similar mass found between caudal abdominal muscles in the left inguinal area.

Left caudal abdominal wall mass - Five slides were received and evaluated.

This specimen is bloody with low to moderate number of nucleated cells. Many of the nucleated cells are neutrophils with low number of macrophages. Some of the macrophages have phagocytized erythrocytes. In addition, there are scattered spindled cells. These are large cells with basophilic cytoplasm that extends away from an ovoid nucleus. The nuclear chromatin is stippled to coarse with visible nucleoli. There is mild to moderate anisokaryosis and anisocytosis in this population. These cells are sometimes seen forming small clusters, but more often are seen as individual cells. Scattered hematopoietic precursors are encountered.

Hemorrhage, inflammation and spindle cell proliferation - Probable spindle cell sarcoma.

The specimen is hemodiluted with relatively low number of neoplastic appearing spindled cells. Because these cells are in relatively low number, definitive interpretation of malignant neoplasia cannot be offered. The features of the spindled cells however suggest sarcoma. Possibilities include hemangiosarcoma, histiocytic neoplasia or similar type vascularized neoplasm. Reactive fibroplasia is not entirely ruled out.

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