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Freeway Agility Gallery

Pictures can lie. This looks like a great contact. But actually it is just incidental touching from a rather spectacular fly off. Fortunately Freeway's resilience gene seemed to have been active and we continued on course as if nothing happened. I asked the judge permission to put him back on the teeter after the class was over and he was fine. Hopefully I will use better sense in the future and pull him from a class if I suspect I can't keep him away from the teeter until he has mastered it.

I always love seeing floppy ears on high flying dogs.

Yay! He is looking for me. This was part of the "Jackpot" which he did very nicely.

Whoops! That take off was a bit early (he made the jump though).

What's with the tongue?

Yippee! My favorite.

Photos by David Wong

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