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How My Dogs Did on the Canine Good Citizenship Test

The Canine Good Citizenship Certificate is awarded under rules established by the American Kennel Club (AKC). It is open to all dogs with or without a pedigree. The test described below is the test as it was given to my dogs in 1995. The particular elements have been under review, so please check the AKC site for the latest rules.

For further information

Look at the American Kennel Club site for the latest rules or contact them by e-mail at or phone (212) 696-8322. The CGC is often given by Humane Societies, SPCA, and at dog events. And when you pass you can submit your dog's information to the Canine Good Citizen Hall of Fame

If you don't think your dog can pass consider an obedience class. Find one that is fun, and geared to practical obedience, not the sport. I have some obedience and training links to help you get started.


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