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 Oso - The end of the story

Oso Perro 1991-2004

January 23, 2004

My house is quieter by another breath today. Tsuki has lost his best friend and mentor.

For the last several weeks we've been struggling to help Oso with pain caused by disk degeneration and narrowing of the spinal canal. At first the prednisone worked miracles, but its effectiveness was dropping off. And it flushes calcium and he already had problems maintainig calcium levels. So we turned to acupuncture. The first treatment seemd to do not much. Two days later, a Sunday, he was in pain. He couldn't get comfortable. I gritted my teeth and waited until I could talk to his acupuncturist. He was improved by then but not back even to the baseline that caused my initial vet visit. My acupuncturist suggested we try another treatment, and since he seemed to be only uncomfortable I agreed. But I promised him that if he had another episode like Sunday's I'd call the game.

Today I kept my promise to Oso that I would not make him feel such pain again.

Going out was still a treat for him and visitors a source of stress so no housecall for us. But we drove around for a while, stopped in the park, and then made the last visit to his veterinary friend. And a friend she is. She cuddled him almost as much as I did.

And afterward she agreed that bringing Tsuki in was a good idea. Having been warned by stories before I knew pretty much what to expect. But I was actually surprised. Tsuki's reaction was quite obvious. It wasn't disinterest. It was both recognition of death and a rejection of it. He stepped back quickly, turned his back and asked the vet for pets.

I shall miss the little toad, and so will his friends across the globe.

-- Diane Blackman

Oso and Tsuiki cuddle up
Oso and Tsuki


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