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Squish (A story)

This is a story about Tanith, Nox and E-mail (a kitten in temporary residence).


Sheesh - my chair is crowded. I have an office style swivel chair at my computer table. Tanith has decided that she needs to climb up on it and sit behind me. She has been doing this for a while now - no biggie. My cat Nox has recently decided that she needs to be on my shoulder most of the time. Usually these two events haven't coincided.

Tonight E-mail (remember - the kitten) decided she needed to be on the chair behind me. Well, naturally, this is where she spends some of her time at the office. Usually at home she is more interested in playing tag with the other cats.

So here is E-mail on the chair and Tanith starts to climb up. Fearing the kitten would get squished I get up, pick up the kitten, put her on my shoulder and sit down. She slides off my shoulder, onto the ground, climbs back up and stuffs herself between Tanith and my rear end. Tanith starts shifting around. Fearing the kitten would get squished I get up, pick up the kitten and cuddle her. She squiggles away, jumps down, climbs up behind me and stuffs herself between me and Tanith.

Fine! I give up! Nox takes up residence on my shoulder. I'm perched on the edge of the chair as it is mostly occupied by dog and kitten. Tanith shifts position. I stand up. E-mail slithers out from under Tanith and promptly curls up next to her. So now I'm parked on one corner of the chair with a dog and kitten behind me and eleven pounds of cat on my shoulder.

-- Diane Blackman


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