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Tsuki Blackman's Pathology Report

 April 2, 2012

12yrs, MN, Border Collie Date: April 2, 2012

History: Patient had splenectomy for benign mass removal six months ago. Now presents with soft tissue mass in the right rear limb at the level of the stifle.

Findings: Ultrasound examination of the right rear limb shows an approximately 5.1 cm by 7.5 cm soft tissue mass lesion associated with the muscles of the right rear limb positioned caudal to the stifle. The popliteal lymph node could not be definitively identified. The mass is moderately to highly vascular and is partially cavitated. The medial iliac lymph nodes are enlarged up to approximately 7mm on the left and 1 lmm wide on the right. There is an approximately 4cm by 7.3cm soft tissue mass lesion in the body wall of the left caudal abdomen. This mass is minimally cavitary but also moderately to highly vascular. No lesions are noted in the liver, gallbladder, pancreas or gastrointestinal tract. The kidneys have normal size, smooth margins, and no evidence of pylectasia. The prostate gland has normal overall size and shape for a neutered male patient. The adrenal glands have symmetrical shape and normal size. The urinary bladder wall is diffusely thickened up to approximately 7mm. No free peritoneal fluid is present.

Using a 22g needle and ultrasound guidance, the mass lesion on the left ventral body wall was aspirated for cytology. Histopathology may be necessary for definitive diagnosis.
Impressions: Multifocal soft tissue mass lesions of the right rear limb and ventral body wall and regional lyrnphadenopathy. An underlying neoplastic process is suspect. Thoracic radiographs are warranted to rule-out distant pulmonary metastatic disease spread.

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