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Our Summer Vacation

Three Dogs on the Ranch

The ranch is lovely but it has been a while since I've gone. This time I drove myself instead of hitching a ride with my parents. For this trip Turbo and Freeway (who have been there before) were joined by the new old dog, Worf. I didn't know quite what to expect out of Worf but I looked forward to a week of relaxation, photography and dog walking. It was all of that.


While I unloaded the car the three dogs explored their new backyard. Backyard

Worf spent most of his time just watching.


The back pasture was full of livestock so I had all eyes on me when I left the dogs behind to check it out.

Every morning all three dogs would go with me for a walk around the "Upper Ten".

For the first part of it they would mostly range together. For a 13year old Worf could stride right along.

Each dog also got their own walks with me. Turbo, of course, was the active one looking for things to explore.

Turbo especially enjoyed the stock trailer.

Freeway is a bit more on the social side. He enjoyed his encounter with my brother's dog, Rusty.

Worf also enjoyed Rusty.... oh and the mud. He got into the mud every chance he could find.

Turbo really enjoyed the livestock in the front yard, and they seemed happy with him.

Worf's time with me mostly involved going to my parent's house. Worf had the good sense to kiss up to Dad.

Seriously though they really got along and Worf seemed completely at home.

Diane Blackman





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