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San Francisco Bay Area Connections

Looking for dog activities in the San Francisco Bay Area? Here are pointers to finding clubs and organizations near you. If you don't find what you are looking for try your local dog training clubs, most really don't mind referring out and will help if they can. You can find dog training clubs in your telephone book. NOTE: Despamming measures are in place for email addresses. Remove any extra spaces.


San Jose/Bay Area Dog and Training Events

A list of dog related activities in the SF Bay Area with the focus on the South Bay Area.


Urbanhound is a general resource for those who share their lives with dogs focused on services and activities by geographic region. This page is the San Francisco Bay Area.

San Francisco Dog Owners Group

Activities and information on dog ownership in the San Francisco area. Activities and information on dog ownership in the San Francisco area. Especially good resources for off leash access information on the San Francisco side of the Bay Area.

East Bay Regional Parks Dog Access Policies down/dogs.htm

Dogs are permitted in most of the East Bay Regional Parks, and off leash walking is permitted in a large percentage of those. Most are not dog parks. By that I mean that dogs are permitted off leash but must maintain company manners - running up to strangers is rude, even if it is intended to be friendly. Other park users should be able to enjoy the park as if your dog were not even present. Making the park uncomfortable for other users is a sure route to getting dogs banned. The exception is Point Isabel which operates more like a dog park.


Agility Clubs and Schools

You can search for local agility clubs and schools here.

The Bay Team for Dog Agility list of trainers (the club local to me)

One of the most active agility clubs in the United States membership spans far south of San Jose and far north of Vallejo. The club holds trials but does not have a club training facility. This page lists trainers in the area.

Bay Team


Haute Dawgs


Western Agility Group






Precision Chaos


Freilance Dog Sports


San Francisco ACE Dog Sports & Agility Training Facility

Fortis Agility Sports Training

Carmichael Greytdogs Agility Training Facility


Salinas-Monterey Canine Agility Center


Power Paws Agility Of San Jose


Touch and Go Dog Agility Training Center



AKC Geographical List of Clubs

Use this resource to search for local obedience clubs.


Northern California Working Sheepdog Association, Inc

Promotes ISDS style herding trials

Northern California Herding Group Association

AKC club limited to AKC herding breeds

Oxford Ranch


Performance Dogs In Action





Bay Racers Flyball Club


Sacramento Flyball Club


Castro Valley Fully Loaded Flyball Club


San Jose Dog Flyball Club Of Northern California


Flyball Locator

Connect up to Flyball teams by geographic region

South Bay Canine Rev it Up Flyball Team


Disc Dog

Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate


Musical Canine Freestyle

Dogs Can Dance


Dock Diving or Dock Jumping

Bay Area Diving Dogs



Nor-Cal Canine Hikers

exchange of ideas and information on cabins, campsites, backpacking adventures, hiking trails and water sports within the Central and Northern California regions

Bay Area Hiker: Where to Hike With Your Dog

Other activities

See the pages on those activities for sites likely to have clubs listings.


California Dog Owners Group

Look for me

I'm always cruising around various parts of the Bay Area. My license plate is easy to spot. My Dog Play License Plate





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