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My dog, Tsuki, enjoys agility and herding. Tsuki has a lot to say about dog sports, and about life in general -- Like "Life is too short to be fretful." Not to mention he makes wry observations about which member of the team is the problem (the human half, of course).

Tsuki's Top Stuff

Tsuki's Top Stuff:

A variety of designs on notecards, mugs, shirts, and more.

I Love Rescue Dogs

Tsuki's Corner: Tsuki's Moon

This image is a play on my dog's name. The name Tsuki is related to the moon, which serves as the background. The thing he appears to be jumping is the kanji for Tsuki.


Make A Friend. Adopt a Rescue Dog.

Tsuki Says: No Whining

This bit of advice is so popular I've created multiple designs saying it.

Ask Me About Rescue Dogs

Tsuki's Says: Life is too short to be fretful

Maybe a little kinder way of telling folks "Get a grip!"

Ask Me About Rescue Mutts

Tsuki Says Don't Whine! ... Get Over it!

Express your love of the rescue dog with these buttons, stickers and shirts.


Make A Friend. Adopt a Rescue Mutt.

Tsuki Says: Agility, Herding and Dog Sports Quotes

Mutts make wonderful companions. Get that companion and adopt a rescue mutt.

The Best Dogs Are Rescue Dogs

Tsuki Says - Avoid it

Rescue dogs are great dogs. You know what you are getting and you save a wonderful life.


The Best Dogs Are Rescue Dogs

Tsuki Says - Carting is Fun

People who spend time with their dogs usually keep theiir dogs. With positive trianing and good equipment carting can be fun for you and your dog.


The Best Dogs Are Rescue Dogs

Tsuki Says - Flyball is Fun

Flyball is not for the noise sensitive - but it sure is a heck of a lot of fun. It is a team sport, and any dog can play, even your mystery mutt.





The Best Dogs Are Rescue Dogs

Tsuki Yomi Says: Great Dog!

Great Dog, Pity About the Handler.

I love rescue mutts

Tsuki Yomi Says: Never Be Afraid to be Silly

Sometimes the best way to get a point across is to stop being seriuos and make a good joke, even when training your dog.

I love rescue mutts

Tsuki Yomi Says: My dog could have been Champion

Excuses, excuses, escuses - if you can't be the perfect handler, at least have the perfect excuses.

I love rescue mutts

Tsuki Yomi Says:Herding Is Fun

Why spend life doing something you hate? While some dogs have to work for a living, many get to herd just for fun.

I love rescue mutts

Tsuki Yomi Says:Watch Us

Having a good sense of humor about your own mistakes makes dog sports more fun.


I love rescue mutts

Tsuki Yomi Says: Great Dog, Silly Human

This one gets nods of agrement no matter what dog sport you are doing.

Make A Friend. Adopt a Rescue Dog. (blue store)

Tsuki Yomi Says: Life is Too Short to be Fretful

A gentle reminder that most things in life are momentary frustrations - let them pass.








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