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Disaster Preparation for Pets Links

It isn't hard to find help for humans in a disaster. Pets are a different matter. Pets aren't allowed in most disaster shelters. Stress makes pets react in an unusual fashion. Do not cage pets together even if they normally get along. Sad experience is the source of this advice from disaster survival experts. Also the normal structures for finding lost or missing pets breaks down. Make sure that you have recent pictures of your pets, their appearance changes as they age. Make sure that they always wear collars with identification. You might consider also tatoos or microchips or both.

I had a fire once while I was away. I was fortunate in that my house remained safe for my pets. Now in my window in the front of my house I post a card with my name, and three phone numbers: my work number, my parents home number, and a friends phone number. My neighbors have a copy. In an emergency even if I can't be notified someone can be reached who can care for the animals.

My cats and my dogs are fed in their crates. That means they are used to the crates and the crates are always available in emergency. The crate will allow a stranger to keep my animals safe in a secure familiar environment. I hope it will make the situation less stressful than it otherwise might be.

Community Pet Preparedness Toolkit

Provides resources on staying current on your local pet disaster plan, policies and procedures. Also offers examples of promoting disaster preparedness and educate the community about how to assemble a pet emergency supply kit and make a family emergency plan.

FEMA information for Pet Owners

Offers general informaiton and readiness tips.

Emergencies and Disaster Planning



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