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Dog Lover Designs on Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Stickers and More

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Dog Art on mugs, T-shirts, collared shirts, clocks, tiles, note cards, post cards, stickers, lunch boxes and more.

Agility shirts, herding mugs, rescue dog bumper stickers - I've got everything for the love of dogs. If you are looking for mutt stuff - look here. Sorry, no breed specific images in this shop. This is DogPlay - all about fun things you can do with your dog, without worrying about what kind of dog you have.

At most dog sports events (agility, herding) you can get T-shirts and often sweatshirts. It is a lot harder to find something with a little more style and form. I offer fitted Ts, spagetti strap tanks, women's T-shirts, and collared shirts suited to casual work environments. The 15 oz mugs have large comfortable handles, no burning your knuckels. These can make great gifts for your friends who also have fun in agility, or enjoy herding, visiting pets and other dog related activities. Is it your dog's "got day" coming up? Or are you approaching a meaningful birthday? Look for a fun gift for yourself, or that great person next to you.

DogPlay's Fun Dog Stuff.

What's a Little Dirt? Our Pets Help Us Smile Make room in your heart. Adopt a pet  
What's a Little Dirt? Women's T-Shirt Our Pets Help Us Smile Mug Make Room in your heart Adopt a pet button.  

Herding: Sheep and Sheepdogs

Not much in the way of Border Collies here. My McNab-x is the model for some of these. Also a Rottweiler and a German Shepherd. OK the token Border Collie is here too, a very nice dog by the name of Epic.

A lot more to offer than you can get at a herding trial. There are mugs, shirts, postcards and notecards. I'm really pleased with how they've come out. Maybe I'm biased .... OK I'm definitely biased but I think you will agree that they look really good. Buy one as a gift for yourself or your favorite herder.

Tsuki penning postcard Herding Mug Herding is a Square Dance Mug  
Herding Scenes
Postcards and Note cards
Herding Images
15 Oz mug
Herding commentary
11 oz mug



Herding Top Handler shirts and mugs  

This image on t-shirts, tote bags and more

Herding Champion shirts and mugs 
This image on t-shirts, tote bags and more.
This is what it says.
This is what it says.


DogPlay's Agility Shops: T-shirts, sweats, posters, mugs and more

Call this one the agility philosophy shop. My dog Tanith taught me to approach agility with an upbeat attitude and a sharp eye out for fun. The "Agility Excuses" line of shirts, mugs and posters advise us that "If you aren't having fun, you're doing it wrong." and "Don't whine!" Some T-shirts explain exactly how my dog (or yours) could be National Agility Champion. Examples of the designs and clothing types include:

These dog agility designs appear on lots of different shirts, tops and sweats

Agility Mug Almost Brag Jr. Raglan Top Agility is Fun Baseball Jersey  
Dog Agility
11oz Mug
My Dog Could Have Been Agility Champion  
Raglan top
 If You Aren't Having Fun,.

Agility Success Long Sleeve T-shirt Agility Champion Fitted T-shirt (Made in the USA) Agility Fun T-shirt  
Success Begins with Trying
Long Sleeve
Not a Top Agility Handler
Fitted T-shirt
Dog Agility Fun
White t-shirt



Rescue Dogs Rule! Buttons, bumper stickers, t-shirts proclaim your appreciation and support of rescue dogs, and even specifically the rescue mutt. If you are looking for your very own canine companion a great place to start your search is, And if you want to support them they also have stickers, magnets and pins for sale.




Dog-Play has great dog graphics on T-shirts, collared shirts, tank top, fitted T's, clocks, tiles, notecards, post cards, stickers, mugs, steins, travel mugs, lunch boxes and more.

For something completely different check out my Dreamspinner shop.

Dreams are our guidebook Tote BagTote Bag

Customized Designs at DogPlay's Zazzle Shop

The basic design is already created but before you put it in your cart you have the opportunity to personalize. Add text, upload a picture of your own dog, or choose a different style. This shop offers choice and flexibility.

DogPlay's Art Gallery

Original art from DogPlay. Purchase existing artwork or submit a photo of your own dog to be transformed into digital artwork.

DogPlay Art Gallery

Cool Dog Lover Gifts

Did you finally get that MACH? Earn a C-ATCH? This site has a template set up so you can make an agility title bumper sticker for whatever title you have earned. Oh - and you can make it say whatever you like.



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