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   Peeing Puppies - Submissive Urination Links

Actually it covers dogs too, but the problem is most often seen in puppies. Submissive urination, excited peeing, dribbling etc are probably the most frustating of dog problems. It is easy to make much worse if you treat it as bad behavior, but mostly curable if handled calmly and with patience. For this web page I haven't written mine own advice - there is a lot of great information out there already so I'm just offering up a links to other sites. I haven't examined them, I have no recommendations of one over another, my personal experience in this area is very limited.

Way to Go! How to Housetrain a Dog of Any Age! Way to Go! How to Housetrain a Dog of Any Age!

Submissive urination isn't really a housetraining problem. But it doesn't hurt to get a solid understanding of elimination behavior in your dog. This will help. And, of course, if the problem is a housetraining problem, then this will still help.

A Dog and Cat Behavior and Training Center by Perfect Paws
Dog Owner's Guide: TTouch helps end submissive urination
Wet Greetings - Submissive Urination
Making a male dog incontinence wrap or band from a child diaper

If your dog is incontinent training won't help. Pet diapers are becoming more readily available but they are expensive. Typically a male dog does not need a full diaper. A belly band that can absorb urine is usually sufficient. The typical belly band is used so that a male dog will choose not to mark or urinate in the house. An incontinent dog, however, needs a bit more. This series of pictures shows cutting off the waist band of a child diaper to create a urine containing belly band.



Additional articles on dog training and dog behavior related topics.

Dog Training and Behavior Books and Videos from Dogwise

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