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All Things Dogs Links to Links Collections

Here are links to pages devoted to collecting lots of links on a wide variety of topics. These can lead to information on health, choosing a dog, rescue and adoption organizations, training and behavior, mixed breed dogs, legislation and animal politics, dog related products and resources, and much much more. Also included are a few miscellaneous specialty sites.

General Information Resources
Dog Owner's Guide

This site contains mostly original material on topics such as choosing a dog; breeding; health issues; care and maintenance; puppy stuff; training, manners and socialization; and much more. The articles are interesting, thoughtful and well written.

Dog Infomat

Maintained by Sandi Dremel. The site descriptions show that there was both thought and consideration in choosing and describing the links. Instead of trying to collect every possible link this site has tried to collect the most useable sites covering a wide range of dog-related topics that provide information and networking assistance, without compromising the dogs, other pet animals, or their human companions.

ASPCA/National Animal Poison Control Center

The ASPCA/National Animal Poison Control Center is the first and only animal-orientated poison control center in North America. It is a nonprofit service and has provided toxicological consultation with veterinarians and animal owners for over 17 years.

Preparing Your Pets for Disaster

Some tips and links to preparing your pet to be safe and comfortable in the event of fire, flood, earthquake or other significant event.

American Dog Owners Association

An organization of dog owners promoting responsible dog ownership, education and legislation that is fair and balanced.

List of Dog Breeds

Somewhere, someplace someone thinks each of these is a breed - even the mixed breeds.

Sunrise - Sunset Calendar

You w ant to plan an event and need to know when it is going to be light enough to see in the morning. Chose generate a calendar that shows sunrise, sunset and civil twilight.


Mixed Breed Dog Club of California
1118 Marquita Ave.
Burlingame, CA 94010
Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America
c/o Phyllis Massa
1937 Seven Pines
Creve Coeur, MO 63146
Australian Shepherd Club of America

The largest single breed dog registry in North America. Governed by volunteer Australian Shepherd fanciers elected by the membership, ASCA is dedicated to preserving the Standard of Excellence for the Australian Shepherd Dog. I include this site because although they are a breed specific organization mixed breeds may participate in performance events.

DogPlay: Your Mixed Breed Dog

More information on the All American or mixed breed dog; clubs that allow competition for titles, politics and other issues.


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