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Therapy Dogs and Visiting Pets
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  Therapy Dogs, Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Activities Coursework and Education Resources

  This page covers web sites providing information on educating the human half of the team for visiting pets, therapy pets and similar activities.

Most academic or scientific level information (studies, surveys etc.) are available in book form, or from bound journals available at university and college libraries. An extensive bibliography (with links to book you can buy) is available at . Expect to either have to pay for the materials or find them in a University library.

Please use the links provided and read the web sites listed before writing to any with questions.

Also of interest  

(1) Resources Links - Web sites providing information on how to train for visits, how to start your own group, or academic studies.

(2) Coursework and Education Links - Organizations providing formal training, academic credit, seminars and similar advanced training for the human half of the team.

(3) Stories and Article Links - Stories about pets on visits and press articles about human-animal bond programs including pet visiting program, animal assisted therapy, animal assisted activities, dogs in rehabilitation programs.

(4) Volunteer Organizations Links - Web sites maintained by organizations that are active in pet visitation programs.

(5) Networking Links .- Discussion groups, email lists, bulletin boards and similar resources for contacting individuals involved in therapy dog and similar programs.

(6) Related information

Service Dog Links . Service dog information and resources. Therapy dogs are not service dogs. A service animal is assigned to provide assistance or support to a specific individual.

Special Program Links Information on organizations training dogs for rehabilitation therapy for prisoners, teens in trouble and related kinds of programs.

Certification, professional education and other learning resources.


Course work

Center for the Interaction of Animals and Society (CIAS)

An interdisciplinary approach investigating the many practical and moral issues arising from the interactions of animals and society.

Distance Learning Certificate in Animal-Assisted Therapy & Activities , Harcum College, Bryn Mawr, PA

Presented entirely on-line by Harcum College, this 30-hour, 10-week Introduction to AAT/AAA provides a Certificate of Completion and qualifies for Continuing Education Units.

Community College of Rhode Island - D.J. Pet Assisted Therapy University Certificate Program

(Rhode Island)

AnimaLink, Inc.

This organization, based in Sanford, Michigan offers courses and materials for everything from implementing and coordinating visiting animal programs to training and screening the participants. Workshops and seminars enhance the skills of registered teams. Included in the offerings are courses established under the guidelines of the Delta Society. When last visited this web site did not provide full access.

Upper Michigan Dog Therapy Project

This Marquette, Michigan organization offers a variety of services to educate and train individuals, volunteers, professionals and organizations in a wide variety of aspects of setting up and maintaining a pet therapy program.

ASPCA, an affiliate of the delta society

Offering pre-therapy training classes that prepare humans and their companion animals for Delta Society evaluation, the ASPCA offers one-day workshops and continuing education classes for volunteers who are already registered with Delta Society, and for those who may not need additional training.

World of Animal-Assisted Therapy and Animal-Assisted Activities

Provides gettting stated information and professional, academic level resources.

Central Ohio Therapy Dog Training Center, Inc

Central Ohio Therapy Dog Training Center, Inc is a non-profit 501 3c organization with the sole purpose to train & educate & to prepare for what to expect as a future therapy dog team. Our training provides a Star Puppy Class, basic obedience class and a handler/dog team training program. We are located in Columbus Ohio and soon to open a 5,000 sq. ft. training facility with a simulated hospital room/ children's reading room and a therapy dog handlers training program. Our goal is to help to prepare owners and their dogs for what will be expected prior to testing to be registered. We also offer the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.

Healing Paws

This group based in the Kirkland, Washington area provides consultation and training to assist facilities in developing an Animal Therapy program. When last visited this web site did not provide full access.

Health Heelers Therapy Dogs

Health Heelers provides therapy dog training classes in the greater Milwaukee area. Health Heelers provides professional consultation to assist with all aspects of program development:

Pets on Wheels of Scottsdale

This site offers an article on placing resident dogs in nursing homes and various visiting pet issues.

Therapet Animal Assisted Therapy Foundation

This organization based in Whitehouse, Texas, promotes animals assisted therapy through education and training of health care professionals, evaluation and training of animals and human volunteers, and support in establishing programs across the country. This site offers a variety of publications, seminars, and professionally developed videos.

Animal Behavior Institute (ABI)

Provides online courses and certification in animal assisted therapy and activities.


(In Italian) AIUCA has been involved in Animal Assisted Programmes since 1995 and in training courses since 1998 AIUCA is Italian Representative and European Ambassador for Delta Society, offers the Pet Partners training, evluation and registration and also specialisation courses for handlers and human health professionals.

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