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Therapy Dogs and Visiting Pets
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  Stories and Articles on Therapy Dogs, Animal Assisted Therapy, Animal Assisted Activities, Visiting Pets and the Human-Animal Bond

This page provides links to stories about pets on visits and press articles about human-animal bond programs including pet visiting program, animal assisted therapy, animal assisted activities, dogs in rehabilitation programs.

Don't expect to find a lot of scientific or research oriented material here. If you are trying to do university level research then make use of the university librarian to show you how to access the relevant publications. Many are on line, but I have neither the time nor the interest to try to maintain information to that level of detail. What you will find here are summaries, observations, and feel good stories. They are here to provide some insight. These are the kind of sites you read to answer the questions (1) what is it like? (2) what can happen? (3) why do it?

Stories and Articles

Learn About Leo in NEW LIVES: Stories of Rescued Dogs Helping, Healing and Giving Hope, by Joanne Wannan

This book includes a story of Leo, a rescued fighting dog who goes on to help people in animal assisted activities.

Animal Assisted Activities & Therapy By Lisa Wagie

An article by Lisa Wagie on her experiences in a variety of aspects of Animal-assisted therapy. Includes description of the talents of her therapy rabbit, Angel Bunny; a discussion of therapeutic horseback riding, and an introduction to "Project Pooch" which is a program using pets in a juvenile rehabilitation program.

Therapy Dog Ministry

Descriptions of therapy dog visits. "This web site is about an adventure with a therapy dog; how we get started, selection of the dog, training, and our vists. "

Animal-Assisted Therapy in Counseling and School Settings by Cynthia Chandler

An article by Cynthia Chandler on the use of animal-assisted therapy (AAT) and animal-assisted activity (AAA) as another useful tool which could be offered in counselor education programs and in school counseling programs.

Animal Assisted Therapy

A good overview by Cindy Wirth on animal assisted therapy in general. The kind of article you refer people to when you want a decent one page summary explanation.

Personal Essay on Animal Assisted Activities by Rhonda Durham

An article describing the author's experience with Animal Assisted Activities and describing the R.E.A.D. program.

Pet Therapy: Healing, Recovery and Love ~ Pawprints and Purrs

A general overview on the value of pet therapy with some references.

Nurse Week - Puppy Power

An article By Cathryn Domrose November 11, 2002 in the on-line magazine, Nurse Week

Rescue dogs work with delinquent boys by Patti Webb

Patti Webb describes her introduction to Maclaren School's Project Pooch in Oregon introducing juvenile delinquents to caring and training

Visits to the elderly from P.A.T. Dogs by Michaela Edridge

A nicely done story illustrating therapy dog work by alternating viewpoints. This is one page of a site that explores social issues and collects opinions on ideas presented.

Creating an Eden for Seniors by Susan Levine

A Washington Post article describes improvements in residential care facilities through cultural change, including the introduction of both visiting and residential companion animals.

Take Two Dogs and Call Me in the Morning

Article by Sarah-Jane Noden Describes the work of Bosworth Bloodhound and other pets in easing the lives of hospital patients.

Calling Dr. Dog

Article by Shelley Bueche describes the work various animal assisted therapy groups in easing the lives of hospital patients.

Pet Care Trust: Companion Animal Research, Education and Special Projects Grants

A list of research projects on a variety of animal related issues including animal assisted therapy. If you are trying to locate research materials on the animal-human bond, pet assisted therapy, or similar issues this a resource you should check.

Animal-assisted therapy:An in-depth look

An article by Katherine Connor and Julie Miller on various animal assisted therapy issues. The article explains the difference between pet visitation and pet therapy, the certification process, infection control issues and more.

Animal-Assisted Activities/Therapy As An Animal And Human Welfare Project

Article by Linda Nebbe on the mutual benefits realized between human and animal in animal assisted activities, animal assisted therapy and related programs. The article includes specific examples and a listing of published resources.

Therapeutic Aspects of the Human-Companion Animal Interaction

This Psychiatric Times article by Sandra B. Barker, Ph.D. (February 1999 Vol. XVI Issue 2) cites various studies documenting how pet ownership and animal visitation may affect physical and mental health. The article includes references to a long list of publications.

Classroom Animals and Pets: Research - Articles and Papers

A couple of unpublished papers on the benefits of animals in the classroom.

The Value of Therapy Dogs in the Long-Term Care Environment

This article originally published in the Annals of Long-term Care, by Steve Reiman focuses on pet visitation therapy in long-term care facilities.

Pet Therapy Uses with Geriatric Adults

A paper by Joanne Roth published in The International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation. It evaluates the influence of Pet assisted therapy in geriatric rehabilitation programs.

Help Is on the Way

An article of Smithsonian Magazine first published in July 1999 this article discusses the growing acceptance of allowing animals into health care facilities as part of the healing process.

Visiting Dogs by Anka Andrews

A very sweet description of Jake and his introduction as a visiting dog.

Nursing Home Visits & Sasha's Christmas Therapy Story by Susan Ann Tipton

A brief description of a pet therapy program in Gainsville, Florida. Includes a story by "Sasha" a visiting dog.

UPMC Passavant experiments with letting patients' own pets come to visit

This article by Linda Wilson Fuoco describes a program in which a patient's own pets are allowed to visit them in the hospital.

Dog Owner's Guide:New horizons for therapy dogs

Another wonderful article from the Dog Owner's Guide.

Fur, Fins & Feathers M.D.

This web site by Axis Gears is preparing a 13-part television series on animal-assisted therapy - Fur, Fins and Feathers, MD. The series will explore animal-assisted therapy in every way, shape and form.

A Day in the Life of a Therapy Dog

This article describes the role Koko and Suki play in their role as therapy dogs for Caring Paws, a local chapter of Therapy Dogs International.

Animal Assisted Therapy and Activities

A short article about Pam and Angus and their volunteering in animal assisted activities.


Read about Rosie as she cheers people who are sad or sick or lonely.

Colorado Boys Ranch using Animal Assisted Therapy

A short description of the animal-assisted therapy program at the Colorado Boys Ranch. For a related story see

A Visit from Beaucoup.

An article describing the basic role of visiting and therapy dogs, overview of requirements and how to get started.

Miss Molly, DOG

This page describes the role of Miss Molly, a standard poodle, in the author's psychotherapy practice.

Pet Assisted Therapy

The author describes the healing influence of her own dog, and her later introduction into pet therapy for others.

Therapy with Animals

Horses, dogs, dolphins, this sites lists links to a variety of "other" therapy animals web sites.

Nursing Home Therapy Home Therapy

An article by Theresa Deschamps for Canine Canada about one pet therapy team, and an overview of the benefits and requirements of participation in a pet therapy program.

Ask Angel, Animal Therapy

This article overviews the benefits of an animal therapy program.

Stories & Anecdotes from West Michigan Therapy Dogs,

Stories written from the view point of the visiting pet.

Adorn Beauty Center & Spa

We are a beauty salon that specializes in "special needs" childrens hair cuts. the dogs are trained from birth to sit with autistic children and other disablities while they get a hair cut. the dogs also go to project freedom an adult disable living community and visit and sit with the tenants while they receive free manicures and haircuts.

More Therapy Dog Resources from Dogwise Books

The following links may also be of interest:

(1)  Promote visiting pets with a variety of visiting pet/therapy pet apparel, tote bags, bumper stickers and more from DogPlay Shops. Identify your team as a visiting pet or therapy pet team with custom shirts or pin buttons.

(2) Books and Videos - Selected books and videos for everyone from the person interested in how to train their dog for visiting to the professional counselor incorporating animals in a guided treatment program.

(3) Resources Links - Web sites providing information on how to train for visits, how to start your own group, or academic studies.

(4) Coursework and Education Links - Organizations providing formal training, academic credit, seminars and similar advanced training for the human half of the team.

(5) Stories and Article Links - Stories about pets on visits and press articles about human-animal bond programs including pet visiting program, animal assisted therapy, animal assisted activities, dogs in rehabilitation programs.

(6) Volunteer Organizations Links - Web sites maintained by organizations that are active in pet visitation programs.

(7) Networking Links .- Discussion groups, email lists, bulletin boards and similar resources for contacting individuals involved in therapy dog and similar programs.

(8) Related information:

Service Dog Links . Service dog information and resources. Therapy dogs are not service dogs. A service animal is assigned to provide assistance or support to a specific individual.

Special Program Links Information on organizations training dogs for rehabilitation therapy for prisoners, teens in trouble and related kinds of programs.

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