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Therapy Dogs and Visiting Pets
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   Therapy Dogs, Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Activities Links

  The information formerly on this page is now on the following pages:

(1) Resources Links - Web sites providing information on how to train for visits, how to start your own group, or academic studies.

(2) Coursework and Education Links - Organizations providing formal training, academic credit, seminars and similar advanced training for the human half of the team.

(3) Stories and Article Links - Stories about pets on visits and press articles about human-animal bond programs including pet visiting program, animal assisted therapy, animal assisted activities, dogs in rehabilitation programs.

(4) Volunteer Organizations Links - Web sites maintained by organizations that are active in pet visitation programs.

(5) Networking Links.- Discussion groups, email lists, bulletin boards and similar resources for contacting individuals involved in therapy dog and similar programs.

(6) Related information

Service Dog Links. Service dog information and resources. Therapy dogs are not service dogs. A service animal is assigned to provide assistance or support to a specific individual.

Special Program Links Information on organizations training dogs for rehabilitation therapy for prisoners, teens in trouble and related kinds of programs.

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Also see Books and Publications - How to train your dog, how to start a program, and more.
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